Thai Fruit

Thai fruit
Thai FruitFruit is important in the Thai diet and is plentiful all year round. Thai fruit that is available all year round includes. Pomelos (large grapefruits), Tangerines, Guava, a variety of Bananas, Papaya, Coconuts, Watermelons, Rose apples, Sapodilla, Star fruit, Crab-apple, tasty Pineapples, Grapes and Apples.

Seasonal Thai fruit includes: Rambutan, a hairy-skinned fruit is in Mangosteen-Thai Fruitseason May to July; Mangosteen has a dark purple skin, but delicate white sweet flesh inside and is in season from May to September; Mango, eaten when green or when ripened, is in season in April and May.

Durian-Thai FruitDurian, the king of fruits, has delicate creamy flesh making it one of the most popular of Thai fruits, in season in June and July; Lichee, originally a cold-weather fruit is in season from April to June.